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YOUR EMPLOYEE              VS               OUR SERVICES
When we tell someone we can save them 30-50%,
they become skeptical.

When we prove it,
they become a client.

If the only difference in a product was price,
you would choose to pay less.

That's why we should be your Purchasing Agent

Your Purchases are at Cost, a 30-50% savings.
e do what your employee does, only better, and for far less.
Need proof? No problem. Read on.
Employee Costs
An employee costs you a salary, benefits, taxes,
vacation, sick days, and more.

Employee Knowledge & Experience
While we have no way of knowing the level of
knowledge and experience of your employee, it's
doubtful they can match ours.

Employees will choose sources they have
relationships with and are comfortable with.
They'll get multiple quotes and then choose the
vendor they like best, or the one who buys them
lunch or gives them sporting event tickets. It's a
common practice, and you're paying for it.

What do your employees really know about
pricing? Most likely it's limited to choosing the
best price of the multiple quotes they receive.

Do your employees know how to purchase at
wholesale? Do they know what the true costs are?

Purchasing Power
Your leverage in negotiating pricing is somewhat
limited by your purchasing power. The higher your
spend, the greater leverage you have, but it
doesn't come close to ours.
Our Costs
We charge a flat fee to manage your purchasing.
Far less than the cost of an employee.

Our Knowledge & Experience
We have 35+ years of experience and knowledge
in our industry, and we're using that to benefit you.

Our Vendors
As your purchasing agent we are doing the same
thing as your employee, except we have trade
vendors and we know which ones are suitable for
the job. We also receive preferred pricing and
discounts as industry professionals. We don't
want the lunches, we want results for clients.

We receive "trade" pricing, which is far less than
retail customers receive. Since we control more
purchasing and we know exactly what is realistic
with regard to production, we are easier to deal
with than many retail clients. Vendors appreciate
low maintenance clients. Thus, lower costs.

Purchasing Power
Regardless of your budget, you are not as sought
after as we are. Why? Collectively, we control a far
greater budget than you do as a single purchaser.
That leads to lower pricing.
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* Does not include savings on
employee costs previously paid
to handle purchasing.
Actual savings are higher.

Client has used a portion of
their savings to increase
marketing without increasing
budget, and still saved money.