In an effort to help our fellow small business owners we are offering cost pricing, plus 20%. We will show you our cost and simply add 20% to that cost. For orders under $500 we add a $25 handling fee.

All along Chameleon Graphics and RidgeTop Home have been the same company, providing different services to our clients.

Chameleon clients have access to everyday prices 25-30% below industry average selling price. These clients typically have lower spending and simply enjoy substantial savings.

RidgeTop, while offering the same services, provides for cost plus 10% on purchases while simply paying us a management fee of as little as $250 per month. A typical client under a purchasing agreement has higher spending and more frequent purchasing.

These clients may:

  • Have, or have had an employee designated to purchase print related products.
  • Purchase in higher volume or dollar amounts, typically over $10,000 annually.
  • Need an experienced buyer without a salary and benefits package.
  • Be looking to significantly reduce product and employee expenses.

These clients benefit from:

  • No salary expense.
  • Savings of 31.4% on benefits expenses.
  • Lower sales taxes.
  • True cost plus 10% pricing.
  • Savings greater than the cost of our services.


  • There is no way you can hire someone with our level of experience, knowledge and expertise, who can purchase products at cost. 
  • In most cases purchasing print and related products does not require a full time position with salary and benefits.
  • The cost of benefits is 31.4% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. An entry level salary of $24k costs $7,536 in benefits, more than most clients pay us to purchase for them at significant savings.

The numbers simply make sense and prove the savings.

Which is right depends on each company and their needs. Lower volume purchasers simply enjoy savings as Chameleon clients. Higher volume purchasers find greater value in our custom agreements that set specific pricing and services.

Either way, we're here to help. Let's talk.