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Does it matter which Distributor I order from?

Only regarding price. The product is the same. If you purchase a specific item, regardless of which distributor you use, the item comes from the same supplier. It's the same item, same print, same delivery, same everything.

The only difference then, is price. Why are you paying more?

How to Search Products & See Pricing

We provide the links to search products, but we'll do it for you, just ask.

Use our Promotional Products search engine to find exactly what you're looking for. It's easy and fast, and more specific keywords will make your search results more accurate.

When you look at the pricing grid you'll see:

  • Original Price 
  • Price - This is your price.

How can I compare pricing?

Most distributors don't make it easy to compare prices. They use unique to them product codes so you can't easily comparison shop. They simply don't want you comparing prices.

We use the supplier item number. You can use it to compare pricing to anyone who has access to that supplier. You won't find a better price, we know that. 

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Note: We use ASI. Sage item numbers may be different than ASI.


You can place orders on our our promotional products or apparel sites, but they come to us for review. We don't expect you to know the answer to every question regarding set up, imprint method, etc. We'll handle the details.

If it's easier for you, simply email us the item number, quantity, imprint colors, and we'll send you the completed estimate.


If you are ordering a large quantity or a higher priced item, we highly suggest ordering a sample. There's no website or picture that can replace holding something in your hands to check quality and functionality.

For smaller orders or basic products, samples may not be necessary. The choice is up to you, but we will suggest whether to get a sample or not based on the product.