While businesses struggle to maintain business amidst the "Stay at Home" & "Shelter in Place" orders, there are some low cost options to help drive business.

Some ideas are very unique and industrious. For instance, a local sports talk radio station here in Atlanta is offering to put a link to your business on their website at no charge. We have taken advantage of this and hopefully it will help drive clients to us. You should check with your local stations to see if they offer anything similar.

For the many businesses who rely on foot traffic, it's more of a challenge.

If you don't already know about EDDM, you should check it out. It's Every Door Direct Mail from the post office. The rates are decent and your post card will hit every single address on the routes you choose. We can handle the details for you.

Local micro breweries are closed to the public, but their products are available retail. Why not do a co-op mailing with the distributor and the retailers? Many distributors already have co-op programs in place. Do a post card mailing to let people know where they can purchase your beverages. The retailer will be on board since most people will buy something else while in the store. That's a win-win.

Local restaurants who are now closed to the public could mail post cards or magnets to remind people they are delivering or offering curbside pick up.

If you have road front locations place signs and banners out letting people know you're open.

If you're a courier company, develop a rate structure for home delivery of groceries or items purchased that need to be picked up and delivered. Get the word out with a post card mailing.

Mail free samples of your products to consumers. They'll appreciate the thought and be sure to include a magnet or promotional item to remind them to think of you.