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Apparel rack full of shirts.

Apparel Options

We've made searching for the right apparel products easy with these 

co-branded websites from our suppliers.

If you don't want to search for products just let us know what you're looking for, we'll do the rest and send you the info!

Using the links below you can browse hundreds of products and view details, pricing and availability.

You have the same access to information from our suppliers as we do.

These are three of the top apparel distributors where you'll find top brands like Nike, Columbia, Hanes, Gildan, Jerzees, Eddie Bauer, Carhartt, Puma, Dickies, Adidas, Dri-duck, Comfort Colors and many others.

SPECIAL NOTES on Pricing and "Sale" Pricing

Tee shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, are usually on sale. These supplier websites show the "original price", which is higher. Often 25-30% higher.

On popular/common items, always check with us to get the sale pricing.

Sale Price Example: Gildan 2000, 100% cotton Tee Shirt

  • Price Shown (Original Price) - $3.31
  • Sale Price - $2.19
  • Your Price - $2.19

If an item is on sale, we will show you the sale price. 

We will also look to see if a comparable item to your choice is on sale and forward that information to you.


You can order through our suppliers co-branded site, or you can simply email us. Either way, the order comes to us. You can not order directly from our suppliers.

Product Brands

Our main suppliers carry most of the brands, but not all of them.

If you have an item you like that isn't listed/sold by one of our suppliers, don't worry. Let us know what it is and we'll source it.

Print & Embroidery Costs

When you visit our co-branded sites you are looking at the cost of the product, which does not include print or embroidery.

You can download our pricing calculator, or we will provide a quote for you. 

See our Screen Print - Embroidery page for wholesale decorating costs.