If you don't see your question below please email us.

Is there a contract?
No. Our performance and pricing speaks for itself. We do not require a
contract for a specific period of time.
Instead, we have an agreement that
clearly states what we will do for you, and what we expect from you.

Is this program right for me?
There are several factors that go into this answer. If you don't spend much on
graphics, probably not, unless you just want someone to effectively and
efficiently handle your needs. If you have a higher budget and are paying staff
to handle purchasing, then yes. Contact us and we'll tell you if it makes sense.

We are not located near you, does that matter?
Not really. With our pricing at cost, even adding in any shipping costs will still
have you saving a lot of money. If you're out of state you'll also save sales tax.

How much are your fees?
Our fees are based on your needs. While we do have clients who pay us as
little as $100 monthly, most are purchasing at higher levels and fees start at
$250 monthly. We will discuss your needs and expectations and arrive at an
agreeable fee for our services.

How do I know I'm paying cost?
Although the pricing will show the savings, as part of our service we provide
you with copies of invoices from our vendors. What we pay is what you pay.

Can I place a "test" order or two to check your quality and service?
Yes. We will be glad to produce a job or two for you so you can see how we
perform. We will provide you with the "true cost" of the job so you know what
you would pay as a client, but we will add 20% to your invoice on these orders.

How can you sell at cost and charge so little for your services?
Simple. We have numerous clients that all pay us a reasonable fee. Think of it
as a "Sam's Club" or similar type arrangement. Membership fees cover
administrative costs and you benefit from lower prices.

How can I compare prices to what I purchase?
There is a link that contains a PDF for you to download. Complete the form
and email it to us. If you prefer, you can email us with any questions as well.

How do I place orders?
You place your orders that same as you would with any vendor. We will
confirm your order, send you PDF proofs, get approval and print. The process
is no different than any other vendor, you're just paying far less.

Do you have Graphic Design capabilities?
Most clients have a designer already. We have designers that we can refer
you to. We do not do design in-house.

Graphic Design is the foundation of your job. We highly suggest you do not
skimp or cut costs in your design. A poor design or lo-res images will not
improve during the printing process. If we see anything amiss with images or
the design we will notify you so it can be corrected before printing.
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