Our program gives you better pricing, more experience and can save
you a lot of money, but how does it work?

The simple answer is that we become your buyer, we provide
purchases at cost, so you save money on purchases, employee
expenses are eliminated, and you no longer need to worry about
finding a reliable vendor for your work.

You may or may not have an employee designated to purchase your
print and graphics. In either case, we are more qualified, more
experienced, and we can provide cost pricing. None of your
employees can do that.

All of your purchases will be made at industry cost. We can easily
demonstrate the savings to you.

Take a look at your marketing budget and see if 30% savings makes sense.

If you have an employee on staff just to handle purchasing it's costing you a
salary, payroll taxes, insurance, benefits, vacation time, sick days, etc.

Whether it's a full time or part time responsibility, your employee does not
have the level of experience that we do.

Also, employees tasked with purchasing are going to develop favorite
vendors, or be influenced by what a vendor drops off in the way of treats,
sporting event tickets, etc. Every sales person has an expense account for
these items.

The bottom line is that we are experienced and recognize ways to save
money that others don't. We're not here to be your "yes" man, we're here to
guide you and consult with you to make better informed decisions. We're here
to lower your costs, improve service and quality, and to make your life easier.
                                                                                          YOUR PROJECT. OUR EXPERTISE.
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